Better Beat Jackson 5/27/15

  1. The Wisconsin legislature, which is mostly male, is considering approving blaze pink for hunters in an effort to encourage more female hunters. But that’s not one of the things that women want most from men. Name one of the things women want most from men. Honesty, understanding, caring, strength, compassion, security, loyalty, time, appreciation
  2. Wisconsin might require high school seniors to pass a civics test in order to graduate. Who can veto a bill in Wisconsin? The state senate, the governor, or both?
  3. The Duggars show is being cancelled by TLC. How many kids do they have? Whoever is closest wins… The show is called “19 Kids and Counting”
  4. Taylor Swift says the hardest part of being a star is having to leave her cats when she’s on the road. Name a type of cat.
  5. An auction house in London this week will sell locks of hair from composers Mozart and Beethoven. Whose hair do you think is worth more, Mozart or Beethoven? Mozart, should get $18K for it. Beethoven is only worth $4K.