Better Beat Jackson Tues 5/26

  1. Anne Meara, the comedienne, died over the weekend. She was 85. BY how many years did she outlive her own life expectancy? 23 years. When she was born her live expectancy was 62.
  2. BB King died last week, and his daughters think their dad was poisoned, so they demanded an autopsy be done. Which of the following is NOT a poison- aspartame, strychnine, or cyanide?
  3. A woman died last week in Massachusetts and in her self written obituary her last words were “Tom Brady is innocent!” Innocent of what? Deflating footballs.
  4. Science has discovered that snakes once had ankles. And little feet. 128 million years ago. Name two kinds of snakes.
  5. The Mallards 2015 season opens tonight at the Duck Pond. What’s the name of the Mallard’s mascot? Maynard.