Better Beat Jackson 5/21/15

  1. David Letterman wound up his late night tv career last night on CBS. How do you spell CBS? CBS.
  2. Memorial Day is Monday. If it rains, is it still ok to fly your flag?  You can display your flag in inclement weather if it’s made of all-weather material, like nylon
  3. Rumer Willis, the daughter of actor Bruce Willis, won Dancing With The Stars this week. How do you spell Rumer Willis’ first name?
  4. LOLZ, shizzle, and cakehole are words that have recently been added to the official Scrabble dictionary. What does “cakehole” mean? Mouth.
  5. KFC is bringing back the colonel in its commercials. Former Saturday Night Live comedian Darrel Hammond will play the role of the Colonel. What’s the colonel’s last name? Sanders.

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