Better Beat Jackson Questions 5/20/15

  1. The NFL extra point kick won’t be so easy any more, since the line of scrimmage is moving back to the 15 yard line. Where WAS the kick done from before the move- what yard line?  The 2 yard line.
  2. David Letterman does his final Late Show tonight. What is the name of Dave’s hairless bandleader? Paul Schaffer.
  3. Today is will be cloudy and 57, pretty nice day, for February! What is the average high for May 20 in Madison? 70.
  4. The Worlds Largest Bratfest starts Friday on Willow Island. What kind of meat are brats usually made of? Pork, beef, or veal.
  5. Brad Paisley will be the opening act for the Rolling Stones when they play in Nashville next month. The Stones have played at Camp Randall Stadium twice, though without Brad. Name a year they played at Camp Randall. 1994 and 1997.