I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghost

This past weekend my wife and I traveled to Ashmore, IL to participate in a paranormal investigation at Ashmore Estates with Nick Groff, formally of the Ghost Adventures TV show. My wife got me sucked into watching Ghost Adventures and is more of a fan than I am.  I’d say I’m more of a skeptic, but I do admit the evidence they present certainly makes you think and I find the show entertaining.




Our event at Ashmore Estates included a 2 hour Question and Answer session with Nick Groff and actor and paranormal investigator Chad Lindberg (Fast & Furious, Ghost Stalkers) who was also there. Nick was by far one of the nicest most sincere people I’ve met. It was also very cool hearing Chad talk about his acting career (and the late Paul Walker) and how he’s always been fascinated by the possible existence of ghosts and paranormal actively and the “unexplained”.







My wife and I weren’t the only ones from Wisconsin who made the trip down. I met people from Beloit, Green Bay, Janesville, and Milwaukee.



While the event was slightly crowded (93 VIP’s participating in the investigation – split up in 3 groups on each of the 3 floors) we had a great time. I had one “experience” of going from feeling super hot, and sweaty in the hallway of the 3rd floor, and then walking inside a room and immediately felt like I had just walked into a walk-in cooler. ICE COLD! I got chills head to toe and don’t know why. It was at dusk and still slightly light outside with a temp around 43-48 degrees.

I walked back out to get the attention of my wife who was huddled around with the group listening to Nick play back audio he had just recorded, when he announced to the group he got something. Nick was then told by someone they captured something on video. Nick played back the recorder to the group and a voice came through that most of us (including me) thought said, “Get out” in a whisper. The interesting part is what was captured on video. It showed Nick walking down the hallway, while the group of us remained at the other end as Nick was rolling on his recorder asking questions. He stopped just outside of a room, and behind him you clearly see a black shadow of a person appear to walk into that room. None of us saw this with our own eyes. Only the night vision of the camera was able to capture it. Oh…by the way, it turns out that’s the same room I walked into right after Nick stopped recording and was reviewing the audio . When he did, I stepped inside that room and felt that blast of “cold” overcome me. And without knowing what the voice recorder and camera had just captured. Bizarre!

Am I going to run out and start hunting ghosts? Probably not. Pretty sure I’ll stick to hunting deer and turkeys!

~Justin Brown