Trick or Treating Safety Tips

Happy Halloween! Have your little ones picked out their costumes yet? I’m not sure what my two princessess will be…but I have a feeling “Frozen” may be the theme. Here are some Trick or Treating Safety Tips. Have fun! Oh…and save some candy for me!

• Only go to homes that are inviting visitors by leaving the front porch light on.
• Wear a light-colored costume so you can be seen in the dark.
• Strips of reflective tape and a flashlight will also make you more visible.
• Make sure your costume won’t trip you or make it hard for you to see.
• Wear face paint instead of masks to help with your visibility.
• Ask your parents or an older family member to escort you as you Trick or Treat.
• Trick or Treat with a group of friends.
• Trick or Treat in your own neighborhood on well-lit streets.
• Walk on sidewalks if at all possible. Be extra-careful crossing the street at night and be sure to only cross at street corners.
• Wait until you get home to eat treats. Don’t eat anything that’s not wrapped.
• Notify the police about anything suspicious.